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Melody is so sore from all her hard work, she isn’t responding to her husband’s lusty advances. He knows just the right move, however: a date with his magic fingers and a bottle of oil. He understandably is distracted by jiggling her round ass cheeks. Once her soft, creamy curves are up on his massage table she melts and gives in to his every whim..

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Ariana Aimes moans to call the cum out

Ariana Aimes handjob

This hot ebony beauty may have only been making adult movies for a month, but she just loves fucking and knows exactly what an Ariana Aimes handjob should feel like. She’s got her sexy little tits out the entire time and her hard nipples are more than enough evidence that she’s really enjoying herself. It’s her first time on Strokies and she makes an outstanding impression. Her hand is all lubed up and ready for action and once she starts tugging that cock, she moans like the naughty little girl that she is. It doesn’t take her long at all to be rewarded with a warm jet of salty cum all over her chest.

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Pornstar Annika Albrite likes the big dick just


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Kim loves her cam chats

Kim is the kind of girl who knows her body inside and out. She always listens to it and she never denies it what it needs, especially orgasms. That’s why her sexy free chat is so important to her. It gives her the chance to make her tight little pussy cum harder than it ever would on its own. When she knows she has an audience, she can attack it over and over until she’s too exhausted to go on. When she’s alone, she can only cum once, but so many people encouraging her to keep going just puts her into a completely different space. It’s not rare to see her body twitch and shake and cum ten times in a single show.

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Nadia Spring has an addiction

Nadia Spring has a real addiction and there’s no cure for it. Try as though she might, she just can’t stop herself from masturbating in public. It’s what she lives for. Finger blasting her tight cunt on the train is what she thinks of at night before bed. Twisting her clit out on her patio is what she thinks about the second she wakes up. Luckily for her, she can avoid the threat of arrest with Poontang Cams. Her cam gives her the ability to flick her little berry for a massive audience without being busted for indecent exposure. Help her out and take in one of her orgasms today!

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Teen Riley wants some loads dropped

This gorgeous blonde teen only wants one thing from you. Her name is Riley and she wants you to shoot your sticky cum load all over her tight little ass while you enjoy her workout. She puts a lot of effort into her body and that’s exactly why she runs an encourage cam. It’s her dream to be responsible for as many orgasms as she possibly can. She’s got perfect tiny little tits and they’re practically always on display. She knows exactly what she’s doing when she goes to the gym dress like this and she loves it. That’s probably why she sits near the men’s locker room listening for the grunts and groans that let her know that yet another nut has been busted to her body.

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Hime Marie strokes it so good

Hime Marie handjob

There’s just something about a tall, sexy blonde that can make your cock shoot up in five seconds flat. Once you see this girl with her tongue on the swollen ball sack and her lubed up hand tugging it ever so lovingly, you’ll know that she has her Hime Marie handjob technique on lockdown. She even lets herself have a little fun by working her tight little pussy while stoking that dick, but only after a long teasing session with her hot body. If you’ve ever needed a reason to love Strokies, just wait until you see the thick, creamy cum load explode all over her pretty face.

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Alice Coxxx stokes with soft hands

Alice Coxxx handjob

It should go without saying that a girl giving a handjob should have soft hands. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. It turns out that in the long history of Strokies, there have been one or two who could have used a little moisturizer. Today, that’s not the case though. An Alice Coxxx handjob comes from some of the softest and silkiest hands on the planet. Even though this red haired beauty is in a classroom, it doesn’t stop her from getting right down on her knees and tugging that stiff cock until it erupts all over her perfect little tits.

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Some wicked big tits right here

Danny and his mates love a good weekend LARP. Sophie who’s supposed to play the Warrior Queen of Rackatha can’t make it leaving the lads in a jam. Luckily for Danny his mate Tom has the number of an exotic performer perfect for the role. Enter Dolly the Warrior Queen of Rackatha…no cock will be safe..

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