Interview with Texas Patti – winner of 2017 Venus Berlin Award

Pornstar Texas Patti

Texas Patti – German porn actress and winner of 2017 Venus Berlin Award “Best International Performer”

First publicity gained Texas Patti in that she lost her job as a dental assistant in Münster, because she produced part-time erotic films. In the meantime she appeared in more than 30 films and three professional productions for Videorama as an actress. She moderates the series of Harry S. Morgan (Happy Video Private and Young Debutantes) and the associated Web TV program and 2014 the TV format DSDSA (Germany is looking for the super ass). Since 2015 she is the commercial face of Beate-Uhse.TV.

I had the possibility to ask few question.

Tell me about Texas Patii. What kind of girl were you growing up, family life, school life, etc.

Texas Patti: I was always a very happy and positive person. That talent is also characterizing me now. I am from a small town called Münster, so my childhood as well as my school time was kind of average. But it was a very special time though.

How long have you been in the industry? How and why did you decide to get into it?

Texas Patti: I am almost 10 years in the industry. I really love sex, not only as a part of my job but also in my private life. This is the reason why I have started to record sex with my boyfriend first, so we could watch it afterwards. We were also going to swinger parties together even before my career. After a while we decided to put our movies online and were thrilled by the positive feedback of the users. Later some producers saw my videos and offered me a possibility to shoot professional movies. I accepted it immediately and still love my job and don’t regret that decision.

Have you ever had second thoughts about this business?

Texas Patti: The porn industry is like every business: there are some reliable companies and there are people you don’t get along with. I am very lucky because I am and was surrounded always but highly professional guys who took care of me and supported me. I love having sex in front of the camera and I also love the people who I am working with.

What is the best part of your work? What do you love the most about it?

Texas Patti: The sex! I love being naked, watched and filmed when I am sleeping with a guy, a girl or several men. I know that some people can’t understand it, but I don’t care. I think it is important to stand for something you do and to enjoy it. Only that way you can be successful. And you can see in every of my scenes, that I am really into it.

How did you come up with your stage name?

Texas Patti: Already as a child I liked the American way of living, the stripes and the stars, the culture and so on. I also always listened to rock music, especially rockabilly and loved the fancy clothes people are wearing there. So these two influences formed me and also my stage name.

What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining business?

Texas Patti: I have learned how diversified sex is. There are so many people with so many preferences. It is just fascinating. And the sex itself: so many positions, feelings and different body types. I am still learning new things on every set, which makes my job so exciting and interesting.

What has been one of the best or funniest moments in your work?

Texas Patti: There were really so many funny and outstanding moments. It also depends on what is funny and how you deal with difficult situations. Just a little bit of humor can transform mistakes or stress into moments you will remember for you whole life.

So what was your first scene like? You were sexually experienced but it’s different with all these people around. Were you intimidated? Nervous? Turned on?

Texas Patti: I was very nervous. But like I said, it is important to work with people who support and calm you down. And I had those people around me. Regarding the other things: I am almost always turned turned on because for me there is nothing better than sex.

What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Texas Patti: I am the same person behind the camera. This is maybe one of my most important values that I am very authentic. I don’t pretend to be someone else and I think you can see it in my videos. One of my biggest hobbies is going to the gym. Because for me it means the better you are in shape the better and longer the sex!


Please share something people don’t know about you. Do you have any hidden talents?

Texas Patti: My biggest talent is having great sex and enjoy it everywhere! I am very extroverted and show almost everything about me. If people want to know more about me, just follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Congratulations on winning Venus Berlin Award for “Best International Performer”. How you feel about it?

Texas Patti: Thank you very much! I am very happy about it. That way I see that all the hard work, which makes a lot of fun of course, pays out. I am already looking forward to the next VENUS.

If you never had to work again, money was no object, and what would you do with your time?

Texas Patti: The same I am doing today: I would fuck as much and often as I can!

Thank you for your time.

More of Texas Patti you can find here: and twitter

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Interview with PornStar Alura Jenson

Alura Jenson winner of 2015 XXX Crossover Co-Performer of the Year BBW CON

Tell me about Alura. What kind of girl were you growing up, family life, school life, etc?

Alura Jenson: “Growing up, I was very sheltered, isolated from the world. Under strict Roman Catholic rules, I was taught that sex was shameful, romantic relationships were forbidden, and that trying to be confident or attractive was a sin. I was raised to hate those who were different, homosexuality was a sin, and interracial love was an abomination. Sex was for procreation, only, and to be conducted in a clandestine manner, female orgasms were unnecessary. This kind of upbringing, combined with tragic violence and isolation, lead to severe bullying. I suffered at the hands of my peers until I was 15, mercilessly being tortured and shamed. When I became an adult, I decided I didn’t want to live that way. I wanted to experience all that the world had to offer, all that sex had to offer. I made peace with my upbringing and accepted what I enjoyed as my calling. ”


How long have you been in the industry? How and why did you decide to get into it?

Alura Jenson: “December 20th, 2011, I performed my first XXX scene. Just shortly before that, I was asked to be a background actor in a different movie. Once the viewers saw me, there was a public outcry to see me perform my own scene. I loved the idea of making movies turned out to be a natural at it. ”

Have you ever had second thoughts about this business?

Alura Jenson: “Yes, but, only briefly. Twice, there were positive HIV tests, among other performers, that caused the industry to shut down. This cost me a fortune in lost work, both times. A very established starlet publicly accosted those of us who were financially struggling, at that moment. She stated that if supporting one’s family or self-wasn’t possible, doing what we do, then, we were in the wrong line of work. She was indicating that fiscal responsibility was part of being successful, achieving stability required diversification. She was right. ”

What is the best part of your work? What do you love the most about it?

Alura Jenson: ” The safety protocol means that safe sex is ensured, with many partners, in many different ways. Since being released from the throes of oppression, in my home, my sexual appetite was frightening to me. The industry made my overwhelming libido a pastime I could enjoy!”

Do you ever have to do things on shoots you don’t really want to do?

Alura Jenson: “Yes, BUT, only because I choose to do them.I am NEVER forced to do anything against my will. Porn acting is voluntary, not required. If something is undesirable, someone else will be happy to take the job. Actors are a done a dozen. No one will lose sleep to hire a replacement. Sometimes, in order to benefit financially ill accept a role that might twitch a nerve. ”

Who is your favorite male performer to work with?

Alura Jenson: “I’ve got a few. I mean, each male performer is unique. Each is notable for their individuality. My erotic excitement stems from discovering the gifts of each lover, of each encounter. ”

How did you come up with your stage name?

Alura Jenson: “This is a really funny story. On my way to my first XXX scene, I realized that I needed a name. As I drove past a luxury high-rise, here in Vegas, I adapted the name of the building to be my porn name. I thought it was pretty. Nearly six years later, I learned that my name, Alura, is the name of Superman’s mother. That made me laugh like crazy.”

What is your biggest achievement?

Alura Jenson: “My proudest accomplishment, even today, is separating my work and my home life. I maintain a very healthy, loving family, and have not succumbed to drug or alcohol abuse. In a lifestyle that sees very few restrictions, it’s exceptionally easy to lose touch with reality. It’s easy to develop a monstrous personality, treat others with disdain. My greatest accomplishment is successfully maintaining a career and balancing a grounded, healthy mind. ”

What has been one of the best or funniest moments in your work?

Alura Jenson: “This just happened, recently. A male co-star slapped me, on my notably large behind. First, I find this insulting. Hitting a woman is never okay, especially during an act of intimacy. Second, I had, just 10 days prior, had body reshaping surgery. The slap felt like knives ripping through the area. My reaction, without hesitation, was to slap him back leaving a bright red handprint on his shoulder. Instantly, I turned to him, reciting a few improv lines, to tie everything together. My improvisation, in conjunction with my snap reaction, made the entire crew fall down laughing including my co-star. They found it to be so comical, they instantly made a gif out of it, which went viral. I’ll never live that down. ”

Have you ever had a co-star who has really grossed you out?

Alura Jenson: “Yes. Although I’ll never indicate this during a scene, I’m disgusted by costars who have marijuana breath. It’s impolite and unsanitary to not have a clean mouth during a sex scene. I almost always get a vaginal infection when costars with marijuana mouth perform oral sex. ”

So what was your first scene like? You were sexually experienced but it’s different with all these people around. Were you intimidated? Nervous? Turned on?

Alura Jenson: “Oh Hell, Yes! My first sex scene was like a dream come true! My whole life, I’ve known of my unusual sexuality. Being paid to enjoy it was like heaven on earth. I wasn’t bothered by the production crew, at all. I was nervous, but, only because I wanted to do a good job. My nerves were about impressing the audience. ”

What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Alura Jenson: “Traditional. Very traditional. I’m a monogamous woman with simple tastes. My greatest joys are in the smiles of my family; they are my legacy, not my film career. I’m kind to nearly everyone, generous with my affection and warmth. Charity work is something my family commits. I love art, draw with charcoal and paint with oils. Reading is also something I truly love. There is nary a moment that goes by that I’m not researching something. The human body is my fascination, include its psyche. I’m always reading medical journals, psychology books or articles, and human relations pieces. ”

What is the plan for the future? What next?

Alura Jenson: “My future is not mine to determine, I play my cards where they fall. I’ve learned that nothing in life is certain nothing is promised. My plans are to keep pushing forward. My physique is a constant work in progress, anti-aging is my focus. Ensuring my financial stability, through diversification of opportunities, is my goal. ”

Please share something people don’t know about you. Do you have any hidden talents?

Alura Jenson: “I specialize in conflict resolution and crisis management. One of my greatest gifts is the ability to take a completely devastating situation and turn it into an opportunity. My lifetime, of being bullied and invisible, of childhood sadness and pain, taught me to diffuse and dissolve heartbreaking pain of others. Constant trauma has educated me in a beautiful way, being able to see loopholes in emergencies, breaking them down into workable problems. This gives people a sense of peace, of safety, and confidence. THAT is my hidden talent. ”

If you could create your ideal porn scene, what would it look like?

Alura Jenson: “I’ve written the script to the very last sex scene I’ll ever perform. It is sensual, dark, and powerful. This feature will include soft S&M tendencies, with role reversal and crossing of boundaries. You will just have to wait to the darkest corners of my mind. ”

More of Alura Jenson can be found here: and Twitter

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Yes, 5 more FREE PORN SITES to Visit!

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And that my friend is a wrap for this list. As always, I’ll be back your way with more…

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Feel the heat with young handjobber Adrian Mya

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5 More of the BEST Free Porn Sites from My Porn Bookmarks

Here I am with five more free porn sites from my own collection of porn bookmarks. Yes, it is quite the list of porn sites, but I have been at this since 1995, so I’ve had a fair bit of time to compile my list, eh? Anyways, enough about me and on with the porn!

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All right then, that would be it for this list. I’ll be back with more just as soon as I can!

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5 Porn Tubes from My Bookmark Collection

For this post I’m back to posting up 5 sites from my own collection of porn bookmarks. Here’s a bunch that I added many moons ago, but haven’t had the opportunity to share with you as I keep coming up with newer porn tubes, and never get around to listing some of these older sites. So, without further blathering, here is 5 classic porn tubes from deep in my porn bookmark archives:

  1. is like a clone but only in HD, which is a nice touch and with every movie in their archive being free to watch, it’s not hard to stick this site at the top of the list!
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Okay, that’s a wrap for this post. I’ll be back with another just as soon as I can.

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