Woopee in the Workspace

Aleksa likes to dress up for work. Her idea of formal attire is a little slutty though, and her boss Keiran is quick to point it out. How will they ever come to an agreement?

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Schoolgirl Krystal Orchid is on a mission

Krystal Orchid handjob

Krystal Orchid walks in on her teacher with only one thing in mind. He may be trying to relax with a book, but she needs him to relax with a tug instead. It doesn’t take much convincing after she slips off her school uniform. She shows off that perfect body that Strokies loves to put on display for you. His cock shoots to attention and she takes her position on her knees. It’s a two hand kind of dick and she’s up for the challenge. He learns that a Krystal Orchid handjob is so good that he ends up shaking and shuddering before her covers her tiny tits in his sloppy cum.

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Pick Up Pussy

Johnny is trying to become a pickup artist. His buddy Eugene is tying to show him the tricks of the trade, but Eugene is a pretty crappy teacher. Lucky for Johnny, Alura doesn’t mind showing him how the game works…the game of fucking.

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Brandi takes a hot load into her hand

Brandi handjob

She’s got a perfect ass and tiny, bite sized tits that are begging to be played with. Her name is Brandi and she’s going to show Strokies what a perfect handjob is supposed to look like. She sees the world through literal rose colored glasses and she always takes the cock by the hand. After she shows off her tight little body and slides off her short skirt, it’s time to go to work. She uses both hands to make sure her man remembers a Brandi handjob is the best he’ll ever have. Once she’s massaged his balls and tugged him to the edge, she accepts his hot load right into her palm as proof of a job well done.

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Redhead takes a hard fucking

Scientists have been trying to find the correlation between money and pussy for years. Today they’ve found a connection. Time for some fucking..

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Ziggy Star strokes with her entire body

Ziggy Star handjob

Ziggy Star has an asset that you just don’t get to see in the modern world: a big, old hairy bush. The second her clothes come off, your eyes are drawn to it. Thank God Strokies likes to keep their girls all-natural. No trimmed treasure trail like that would ever be seen on your modern plastic porn stars. Of course, it’s her tugging skills that make her popular. This girl uses her entire body to get that cock off. After she lubes it up with her mouth, she strokes that thing with her hands, her tits, even her plump little ass cheeks and takes the load in her sexy mouth. A Ziggy Star handjob is just a thing of beauty.

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Ass Fucked In The Bath

Sierra enjoys anal sex. Her beautiful wet booty can take a major pounding and she fucking loves it. In Sierra’s case what her ass wants is to be filled and rammed by Keiran’s huge cock! If you love anal, this is the perfect video for you!.

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Pale ginger Kierra Wilde is a master of tug

Kierra Wilde handjobThey say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that may be so, but thankfully, a stunning appearance isn’t always a prerequisite for a hot time, as this Strokies video illustrates. Redheaded Kierra Wilde is thin and pale skinned, but while the physical appeal of this ginger girl might be an acquired taste, Kierra’s hands are another story altogether. She’s been studying tugging techniques online, and now she’s ready to try out her mastery on a live subject. And this pallid young performer is indeed a master of tug. She lubes up that love gun and applies both hands and tongue for maximum pleasure, and her coy upward glances as she practices her cock-craft add an element of arousal that marks her as a budding pro. This babe doesn’t have much to learn when it comes to pullin’ the pud, and you certainly won’t have much to complain about with this hot and skillful Kierra Wilde handjob.

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Taking it up the ass

Lana digs cock. She enjoys dick, and she doesn’t mind if everyone knows. The new gardener is completely ok with this. So what’s next? How about a little bit of intercourse..

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Young teen Gia puts on a well seasoned tug show

Gia Paige handjobIt’s teen time here at Free Online Porn Pics, and we’ve got a stupendous treat in store—a sweet little brunette with an outgoing personality, a plump round ass, and most importantly, the hands of a goddess. Strokies teen Gia Piage might be dressed like a little kid, but don’t let that fool you; there’s absolutely nothing innocent about this horny hottie. The fact that she’s handled a cock before is very evident in the way she goes about getting the wrinkles out of this one. Her confident stroking technique—a brazen two handed approach—tells you this young babe has been around. And if that doesn’t bum you hip, the way she sucks those stones will. After this sizzling tug show she lies back, moaning and begging for that hot shot of joy juice. She gets just what she asks for, too, because there’s not a man alive who could possibly resist this well seasoned Gia Paige handjob.

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