Bringing back the Pr0n!

This post is going to be all about the old school word pr0n. For you younger types, there was a day when the word porn was blocked, so in order to get around that the word pr0n was substituted. That’s the history behind a word that has largely gone out of style, now that free porn tubes are everywhere; however, I’ve been able to find a few sites that keep the tradition alive, albeit, thankfully, with a modern website!

  1. XXX pr0n videos is the first site I was able to find, so for that reason alone I will place it at the top of the list. Besides that, I fantastic example of what a pr0n site should be!
  2. XXX pr0n tube follows the new way of doing things with great example of what an XXX porn tube site should be like!
  3. pr0n videos serves up free porn videos by the bucket load and these girls sure do know how to fuck. Give these girls and this tube site a try for yourself is my best suggestion here!
  4. pr0n hubs is an old school name that piggybacks on a popular tube sites name and reputation with that old style twist to their name. Besides that, this is as good a site as I’ve seen for releasing the day’s frustrations on!
  5. XXX porn tube club doesn’t fit the bill, but after all the free pr0n, I figured that an XXX tube porn club that is 100% free to join and wank at is a good way to finish off the list. Check ‘em out for yourself!

That’s it for today’s post from the my personal porn bookmarks archive. Hang in there…I’ll be back with another batch of sites before long!

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Have a ‘blast’ with the best porn games online!

Best porn gamesIf you’re the sort who loves porn and loves to game, there’s no better experience than one that combines the two. But there are so many lame games out there, where do you go for the most enjoyable porn gaming? has you covered. They bring you the best quality smut sites on the web, with hot reviews that let you choose the experience that suits your tastes, and that includes the highest quality porn games. You can play blackjack with your favorite pornstar, enjoy a porn parody of a certain well-known game, and even fuck extreme sluts in a VR environment, all the while knowing you’re enjoying the best sex game experience to be had. No need to waste your time trying out game after disappointing game; just go straight to the best source and enjoy the best porn games online, where you’re guaranteed to have a ‘blast’.

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Pick Up Pussy

Johnny is trying to become a pickup artist. His buddy Eugene is tying to show him the tricks of the trade, but Eugene is a pretty crappy teacher. Lucky for Johnny, Alura doesn’t mind showing him how the game works…the game of fucking.

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This Cherry Morgan tugjob’s a real blast

Cherry Morgan handjobThey say that blondes have more fun, and perhaps that’s true, but one thing’s for sure, the men they set their sights on certainly do, especially when the blonde in question happens to have a thing for cock tugging. Strokies features their fair share of light-haired lovelies doing the frank wank, and in this video Cherry Morgan shows us just how much enjoyment a blonde bimbhoe can get from a stiffy. Cherry’s the kind of girl who bares tits and twat at the first hint of a loose cock. She even drops her phone, along with her bra and panties, to get her eager paws on that meat twinkie, and when she does, she gives it a vigorous, two-fisted tugjob, not letting up until her hot little hands are covered with cream. Whether blondes do have more fun might be debatable, but there’s no gainsaying the enjoyment you’ll get from this Cherry Morgan handjob video. It’s a real ‘blast’.

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Cutie Marilyn Moore’s twerking teenage tuggie

Marilyn Moore handjobIs there anything more arousing than watching a cutie with braces and braids give a hot tugjob? If you think there is, then you should watch this Strokies video of adorable Marilyn Moore as she gives a hard cock her full teenage attention. Marilyn’s looking just too sweet in her rainbow knee socks and shorty-shorts, and you’d think she was as innocent as the pure driven snow with that little girl smile, but behind the angelic grin is a horny hussy who knows how to pump a penis. She knows how to twerk, too, and those peek-a-boo flashes of her tight little brown-eye are a cum-stirring prelude to the hot, two-fisted handy that follows. If you have any reservations about how sexy a teenage tuggie can be, this Marilyn Moore handjob will change your mind in a hurry.

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Mature Richelle Ryan plays the flesh flute like a pro

Richelle Ryan handjobThere’s nothing like the attentions of a mature woman to get the wrinkles out of a cock. Older babes have the experience to know exactly what they’re doing in the bedroom, and if they happen to have a massive set of hooters, they’re all the more equipped for the job. This Strokies video featuring the amply endowed Richelle Ryan shows just how skillfully a seasoned veteran can call up a stiffy and make it give up the goo. From her long, fishnet clad legs to her round bubble butt to her massive mammaries, Richelle is a hard package to resist, but when she lays her perfectly manicured hands on that flesh flute, it’s owner doesn’t stand a chance. She plays it like the pro she is until he loses his load all over those big silicon sacs. If you have any doubts about the talent and sex appeal of mature babes, watching this Richelle Ryan handjob will definitely put them to rest.

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Bold Vicci Valencorte gives a beautiful handjob

Vicci Valencorte handjobThese days it’s easy to spot the young women who aren’t shy about their sexuality. You might even say, the brighter the plumage the bolder the bird, and Strokies has captured the truth of that in this hot handjob video. Pink hair, purple glasses and green fingernails mark Vicci Valencorte for the alternative kinda girl she is, and although her sweet smile and big blue eyes give her an innocent look, this babe is definitely of the uninhibited variety. Vicci’s more than happy to demonstrate the extent of that when presented with a hard cock, sucking and nibbling at the lucky recipient’s ball sack as she pumps her way to a streaming load of cum. She even brings her terrific ta-tas into the hot action. Bold is beautiful, and this Vicci Valencorte handjob proves it beyond a doubt.

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This post is all about the best site for free porn pictures

best porn picturesI recently stumbled across this free porn site and immediately I had to not only add it to my porn bookmarks, but I had to write up this quick post to share it with you. Yes, this site is that kind of good guys, and with precisely 150 categories of free porn pictures to choose from there is bound to be something good inside, no matter what your fancy is!

I can hear you asking what the name of this site is and/or what the URL is, so to not keep you waiting any longer, this totally fucking WOW porn site is called:, and with that bit of knowledge thusly shared with you, you can thank me by coming back to see what other sort of goodness I find on my further travels on the Net.

As always, you’re welcome, and I sincerely appreciate your continued support in help making my XXX porn blog what it is today!

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Make the right porn choice the first time around

Porn DabsterThere are so many porn sites online to choose from, but you don’t want to waste your hard earned cash on a site that doesn’t meet with your expectations. And if it’s free porn you’re after, you don’t want to waste your valuable time bouncing from site to site searching for the right one. So how do you choose which site is the right site? You go to the one that lists all the best and most popular places to get what you’re looking for, of course. At Porn Dabster you can peruse more than 190 free and premium porn site entries to find the highest ranking sites in a myriad of categories, including blogs, tubes, live cams, galleries and more, and it’s free to access. So stop wasting you time and/or your money. Before you commit to an unknown porn experience, point your browser to and make the right choice the first time around.

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Beat your boredom with Sexy Raven Dawn

Raven Dawn handjob

It’s every salesman’s private fantasy to be accosted by a bored housewife while peddling his wares, and now that private fantasy has become a public reality for all to enjoy, because Strokies has captured the most delectable—and deceitful—bit of wifely fluff right in the act of seducing the insurance agent. Blonde and beautiful Raven Dawn is hungry for man meat, and after luring her lucky victim under false pretenses, she proceeds to charm the pants off him…literally. What follows is a an illicit and oh-so-arousing two-handed handy that leaves Dawn’s face smothered in joy juice, and both party’s faces wreathed in satisfied smiles. There’s more than one way to beat boredom, but a Raven Dawn handjob is the best way, hands down.

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