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Taylor gives herself a hand

Taylor handjob

With pink hair, a perfect body and amazing tits, it’s a shame that the Taylor handjob hasn’t made an appearance on Strokies before. She’s here for the first time and the excitement is going straight to her pussy. She barely gets her clothes off before it starts calling for attention. She can’t help but lean back and give it a little finger fucking while she tugs on the stiff cock. She cums within seconds and she’s back on course with her tongue massaging the balls and her hand stroking the shaft. A little more work and she’s covered in a thick load.

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Laura Coryander is a naughty teacher

Laura Coryander handjob

She must be good at her job because the things she does in class would get anyone else fired. This Laura Coryander handjob comes with plenty of information for Strokies about what she does as a teacher. She likes to flirt with all of the college boys and get her pussy nice and wet during class. As soon as the bell rings, she runs to the restroom to assault her aching hole with her fingers. At least that’s the story she gives while stroking this cock until it explodes all over her tattoo-covered body. College is definitely a fun time.

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Teen Leyla and her giant tits

Leyla handjob

This hot and sexy teen has a lot going for her. She’s got a curvy body and a massive set of natural tits that will take her far in life. On top of that, she’s already patented her Leyla handjob and she’s here at Strokies to show it off. She talks about her love of lesbian porn and giving blowjobs in the school restroom while she takes off her clothes. Then it’s straight down onto her knees to tug that cock right in between her giant boobs. It’s no surprise that they end up covered in a thick and creamy load.

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Zen Cat gets sprayed

Zen Cat handjob

With blonde hair, blue eyes and a skinny body, it’s no wonder that this sexy little thing knows her way around a cock. She’s come to Strokies to show off her Zen Cat handjob and the world is a better place for it. Her tiny tits and pierced nipples are more than enough to get the cock hard as a rock and that’s what she wants. She gets down on her knees and starts tugging like it’s her job. She even wraps her panties around the shaft to give it a taste of her pussy. It doesn’t take long for the massive load to spray the kitty’s entire body and paint it white.

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Ghufranaa plays the innocent girl

Ghufranaa may play the sweet and innocent girl, but she’s really anything but. She has a deep desire that she has to get out of her system each and every single day. She goes about her normal routine, but her mind is always on her cam at The second she gets home, she runs to her bedroom and logs herself in. Wearing clothes all day is a huge bourdon, so those are the first things to go. The next thing to go is her pent up sexual energy. She attacks her pussy and makes it cum over and over for all of her online friends.

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Chloe White takes it to the chest

Chloe White handjob
Blonde hair in a ponytail and black rimmed glasses make her look like a nerd, but luckily this Strokies girl is just a nerd for cock. She’s here to show off her patented Chloe White handjob and no one is complaining about it. She immediately sets the mood when she gets down on her knees and tells you that she just wants you to relax and enjoy it. That’s when your dick gets wrapped in her soft hand and she goes to work. Her tiny tits come out and she’s way too hot to make you last very long. A few minutes later and you’re dropping your load all over her pretty chest.

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Randi is in it for the love of the tug

Randi handjob

Unlike a lot of the women on Strokies, this one doesn’t come because she likes playing on camera. In fact, she doesn’t even like watching porn. That’s why a Randi handjob is so amazing. She does what she does because she loves stiff cock and that’s it. It’s all over her face as soon as she gets in the room. Her shirt is already wide open so she can show off her perfectly tiny little tits and get the blood flowing. Once she pulls down her pants, She spreads her legs wide, reaches between her thighs and starts pulls that thing like it’s her passion.

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Gabriella gives a first time tug

Gabriella handjob

A tight body and a pair of perfectly tiny tits can take a woman far, but this one has so much more going on for her. She’s come to Strokies for the very first time to show off her patented Gabriella handjob skills. She all business in her short skirt and see-through shirt, but it doesn’t stay on for very long. She’s so excited to give her first show that she gets right down on her knees and starts tugging that cock like an expert. She always makes sure that her boobs are front and center until she milks the creamy load right into her hands.

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Helena Price teaches Avery Tyler to tug

Helena Price and Avery Tyler handjob

When the Strokies ambassador learns that one of the gorgeous women in front of him has never given a tug job, he can barely believe it. Luckily for him, the more experienced one is more than willing to be the teacher and he gets to sit back and enjoy the very first Helena Price and Avery Tyler handjob. Helena does an amazing job of coaching her protégé while she works the balls with her mouth, but when it’s time for the finale, she takes the wheel. She jerks that stiff dick with all of her might until it explodes and splatters its gooey goodness all over Avery’s pretty, young face.

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