Karmin Fox is a beautiful tugger

Karmin Fox handjob

Some girls are just gorgeous and this skinny blonde certainly fits the bill. She has sexy full lips, perfect and pert little tits and a love of cum that will take her far in life. She’s already sent in her pictures and applied for a spot, so now it’s time to show Strokies just how good a Karmin Fox handjob can be. She can’t keep herself from moaning while she’s down on her knees and tugging away. It gets the cock so worked up that it can’t help but start spraying all over her tight little body. Once she sees that it’s going to waste, she quickly moves to collect the protein gold with her pretty lips.

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Nyx cradles the balls and swallows the gravy

Nyx handjob

With a tight little body and a perfect set of tiny tits, it’s no wonder that a Nyx handjob is a thing of beauty. She gets down on her knees and looks up for approval while she tugs that dick like a mad woman for Stokies. As soon as she can tell that she’s gotten it close to an explosion, she readjusts. She gets her face right under the business end and continues stroking until it unloads all of its thick and creamy juices for her. She swallows as much as she possibly can and catches the rest of the baby gravy with her body.

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Lexi Luna pumps for a hot load

Lexi Luna handjob

A giant set of fake tits and a pretty smile aren’t going to be the only things covered in cum at the end of this Lexi Luna handjob. She’s already made the transition from being an elementary school teacher to being a porn star, so now it’s only natural that she ends up on Strokies. She lies to tease her own body and pulls her shorts to the side to show off her tight little pussy behind her panties. Then it’s down to business as she pulls out her boobs and gets on her knees to tug that cock all over her face and sexy body.

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Autumn Rain strokes with soft hands

Autumn Rain handjob

The very best thing this blonde haired, blue eyed tugger did before her performance was wash the dishes. The soapy water has left her hands all soft and supple and ready to be shown off for her Autumn Rain handjob. She’s been getting ready for her Strokies appearance for days and she has her technique down pat. She gets right down on her knees and stares into your eyes while she lubes you up and gets you ready for the main event. With all of the hard work and preparation she’s put into it, it’s no surprise that she relieves the aching ball sack of its pent-up load within minutes.

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Kacey Quinn rides with her tits

Kacey Quinn handjob

She’s got amazing eyes and a perfect set of tits, but that’s not all she has to offer. She also knows how to give a perfect Kacey Quinn handjob and she wants everyone in the world to know about it. She didn’t even bother getting dressed for her trip to Strokies. She starts off in her bra and panties and only gets less covered up from there. After she gives a few tugs with her sexy little mouth wide open right next to the cock, she ups the antes. She wraps her gorgeous natural tits around it and bounces up and down until it sprays its hot love all over them.

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Callie Cyprus handles the balls

Callie Cyprus handjob

A gorgeous, tattooed body, dyed red hair and a love of balls are what make this Callie Cyprus handjob so special. She’s comes to Strokies to show off her skills and she has more than enough of them. She likes to keep it filthy by using her own tasty spit for lube, even when she’s on her back. A little oral talent goes a long way toward chucking that saliva straight up onto the shaft. Once she’s happy with the results, her lips wrap themselves right back around the throbbing ball sack to suck on it until it gives up its delicious gift of a hot, creamy load.


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Lucy and Chloe share a stroke

Lucy and Chloe handjob

When you have two gorgeous teen girls in your bed who are willing and able to take your throbbing cock for a ride, you know you’ve made it. These two horny dick lovers have come together to show off their Lucy and Chloe handjob skills to the Strokies verse. It’s clear from the second they get on their knees that Chloe is the true cock slut of the duo. She tugs that thing like she’s experiencing a little piece of heaven. It’s when she has to take a break and leans back to tend to her own aching pussy that Lucy steps up and starts stroking with her own thick pussy juice for lube. Needless to say, there’s more than enough load for the both of them.

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Lolita Bella and a face full of jizz

Lolita Bella handjob

A skinny body, perfect tits, long hair and fake nails are all on the menu for this Lolita Bella handjob adventure. She’s got a perfect body and the fact that she’s wearing stripper heels should tell you all you need to know about her. She takes her time in removing her clothes for Strokies, but once she gets them off, she dutifully takes her position on her knees. This cock expert tugs that dick like she has special knowledge in the ways of the hand. As soon as she can feel it start to buck and pulse, she slides her pretty face right underneath it to catch the full, hot load.

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Danica gives her tits a cum bath

Danica handjob

This Chubby, redheaded teen is here to please and she’s going to show off her patented Danica handjob to do it. The Strokies camera has been waiting for her while she was pre-gaming upstairs, but now it’s time for business. She walks down the steps and doesn’t miss a beat before pulling down her dress to show off her pretty tits. One lube job later and she’s on her knees, tugging that cock like the pro she is. After a few strokes, it gets wrapped in her boobs for a tit job until it spews its hot load all over them.

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Adriana Chechik wants a taste

Adriana Chechik handjob

This gorgeous cock slut knows that she’s hot and she uses that to her advantage during her patented Adriana Chechik handjob. As soon as she’s on the Strokies clock, she gets right down onto her knees and covers that dick in a massive dollop of warm spit. She’s wearing sexy black lingerie the entire time, but she doesn’t need anything to make her look sexier. She knows that pussy makes the world go round, so she gets on her back, spreads her legs wide open and gives a perfect view of hers while she strokes the man meat right in front of it. When it’s all said and done, she makes sure to open up her mouth and accept a massive cum load on her tongue as thanks.

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