Have a ‘farmer’s daughter’ experience without leaving home!

Helena Price handjobOh those country gals, so pure and natural, and yet so delightfully naughty! Helena Price is fresh off the farm, and like most girls raised with nature, she learned about the birds and bees early in life. She’s come to Strokies to put that knowledge to good use, using her skilled hands to harvest a load of hot cum. Helena is enthusiastic and giggly as she strips off her overall shorts to reveal her small, unaugmented boobs, her well toned ass, and her natural hairy bush. She obviously enjoys showing off her spit-and-shine abilities, and she doesn’t bat a long, dark eyelash when her efforts net her a face full of wholesome man milk. Those charming country babes are something else again, and this steamy Helena Price handjob lets you enjoy the proverbial ‘farmer’s daughter’ experience without even leaving home.

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