Pick Up Pussy

Johnny is trying to become a pickup artist. His buddy Eugene is tying to show him the tricks of the trade, but Eugene is a pretty crappy teacher. Lucky for Johnny, Alura doesn’t mind showing him how the game works…the game of fucking.

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Lexi Lore takes it on the chin

Lexi Lore handjob

Young and sweet, but far from innocent, A Lexi Lore handjob is about to become an important part of your Strokies diet. She’s a hot young teen who’s still in braces and loves to show them off. Once her tiny little tits come out to play, she can’t keep her hands off that stiff cock, or herself. She lies on her back and tugs it upside down while constantly working her tight little hole. She gets onto her knees to add a little spit lube and lets a strand of saliva hang from her lips right before she takes a hot, massive load all over her chin.

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Ass Fucked and Squirting Pussy Juice

She is a bored, sex-deprived mail-order bride, but has a big time crush on the butler, Sinsley. When she gets caught fantasizing about Sinsley making her squirt, she is left alone with him in the bedroom. She easily convinces Sinsley to fuck her in the ass and soak the bed with her pussy juices..

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Lauren Philips is pretty in pink

Lauren Philips handjob

She’s dressed from head to toe in pink and ready to take the little red corvette for a spin. This sexy redhead doesn’t even take the time to take off her clothes before showing Strokies what a Lauren Philips handjob is all about. She gets right down on her knees and drops a little lube in her hands. She makes sure to warm it up between them before she starts her tug. Once the lube dries up, she replaces it with her hot spit to finish it all off and take a massive load all over her perfect little tits.

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Teachers fucking like mad

Erik and Kiera have been teaching for years, and today they’re working on some tests in the chemistry lab. Everything gets a little crazy when Kiera drinks a chemical instead of her coffee.

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Gia Love gets creative with cock

Gia Love handjob

From the very second we meet this smoking hot blue eyed blonde, it’s obvious that she’s going to take Strokies by storm. She admits right from the beginning that she likes to get creative during her Gia Love handjob exhibitions. That’s the absolute truth. She keeps that cock slathered in her lubricating saliva and goes to work on it like an artist. She tugs it with her hand, sliding it up and down the shaft while she sucks on the swollen balls like she’s on a mission to tenderize them with her tongue. She manages to work up a massive cum load that she lets coat the inside of her mouth with a smile.

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Teen pornstar Dani Daniels has a nice pussy

Dani Daniels can’t wait for Johnny Sins to be released from jail. She writes him all the time. Just her luck, ’cause today Johnny breaks out of prison and need a place to stay… in her pussy!

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Cassidy Bliss has long hair in two places

Cassidy Bliss handjob

She’s a gorgeous, young brunette with sexy long hair in more places than one. Once she starts getting ready to show off her patented Cassidy Bliss handjob to Strokies, she pulls down her pretty panties and lets her full bush hang out in the breeze. It’s a refreshing sight in this day and age and it only makes her look hotter. Once she’s down on her knees and looking up with her adorable eyes, she lubes up that cock with as much spit as she can muster and tugs it like the sex Goddess she is. In the end, she takes the hot and sticky fresh cum load all over her tiny little tits and in her flowing hair.

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Big tit pornstar Emma gets a mouthful of jizz

Emma Starr is passionate about art. So passionate that when Tommy begins talking to her at his art show, it doesn’t take much for her to go back to his studio with him. Emma knows the best way to get what she wants from Tommy — play on his obsession with big tits! .

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Curvy Raquel Love loves the cock

Raquel Love handjob

She’s big and curvy and she’s developed a special Raquel Love handjob that always ends up covering her in creamy sauce. She’s come to Strokies to prove that you don’t have to be skinny to get a load of cum out of a dick. As soon as she gets down on her knees, she attacks the ball sack like a ham sandwich and licks every single inch of it. Her hand is always working and she likes to switch up her grip. Sometimes it’s palm up and sometimes it’s palm down, but the final result it the same. Her massive tits get drenched in a hot cum load.

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