Teen Victoria’s newbie handjob proves Latina girls are red hot

Victoria Valencia handjobLatina babes have long been known for their hot factor, and Strokies brings us some of the hottest ones. They range from well seasoned pornstars to amateur first-timers, but each and every one of them is pure delight. Glasses clad Victoria Valencia falls somewhere nearer the newbie end of the experience scale; she hasn’t given too many handjobs, but she’s willing, and she does exactly what she’s told in this handy video. The obedient brunette strips off to show her perky, pointed breasts before getting on her knees to lay her sweet teen hands on a hard shaft and her large, soft tongue on some full balls. With the two handed stroking, some luscious licking, and a bit of titty fucking thrown in for good measure, this young tugger hits all the high notes and ends up with a sticky cum bath. When it comes to sexy stimulation, Latina girls are red hot, and this Victoria Valencia handjob is just more proof.

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Have a ‘farmer’s daughter’ experience without leaving home!

Helena Price handjobOh those country gals, so pure and natural, and yet so delightfully naughty! Helena Price is fresh off the farm, and like most girls raised with nature, she learned about the birds and bees early in life. She’s come to Strokies to put that knowledge to good use, using her skilled hands to harvest a load of hot cum. Helena is enthusiastic and giggly as she strips off her overall shorts to reveal her small, unaugmented boobs, her well toned ass, and her natural hairy bush. She obviously enjoys showing off her spit-and-shine abilities, and she doesn’t bat a long, dark eyelash when her efforts net her a face full of wholesome man milk. Those charming country babes are something else again, and this steamy Helena Price handjob lets you enjoy the proverbial ‘farmer’s daughter’ experience without even leaving home.

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Brazen babe Amo tugs cock for a bike ride

Amo handjobLike a bit of a hairy twat? Admire a girl bold enough to hang with the biker boys? Well this Strokies video is going to be a real treat for you. Glasses clad hottie Amo likes to chill in the garage, especially if there are sexy machines in there. She’s a huge motorcycle fan, and the guy with the sweetest metal always gets special attention. As it happens, said attention includes a steamy handjob. It’s the best way to finagle herself a ride, after all, and today‚Äôs recipient is the dude with the racer. That streamlined beauty makes Amo so horny, she strips off on the spot, revealing a nice set of small boobs and an eye-catching tattoo strategically placed to accentuate her well groomed pussy. Biker boy gets a two handed tuggie and covers those long, hard nipples in fresh cum, while her famous Amo handjob nets the brazen motorcycle aficionado a coveted ride on a hot set of wheels.

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This hot Melanie Hicks handjob will unzip you

Melanie Hicks handjobIf you’re a lover of women with a wee bit of pudge on their person, chubby Strokies girl Melanie Hicks is going to have you reaching for your fly in no time flat. Her all-natural tits are just right for smothering your dipstick in their warm embrace, and her hands were made to finish the job that one look at her bounteous booty will surely set in motion. Melanie doesn’t waste a whole lot of time getting down to the good part. A woman of few words, this curvaceous hottie sheds her threads and goes to work, pinching and petting those big 34D melons before stroking that stiffy with a sexy aplomb that just screams ‘drench me’. Even if you don’t appreciate this much meat on your boner babes, we bet this hot Melanie Hicks handjob performance will make you cum unzipped.

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Personable teen Paisley Carter’s handjob is pornstar worthy

Paisley Parker handjobThere’s nothing that can get the old joy juices flowing like a young girl who wants to be a pornstar, and quite often they’ll find themselves doing their first bit of on-screen smut for Strokies. Such is the case with Paisley Carter, a 19-year-old wannabe who, in our considered opinion, has all the right stuff to get her where she wants to go. Showing up to the shoot in booty shorts and a sexy little crop top, it’s already obvious that this bespectacled beauty knows a bit about sex appeal, and she’s as enthusiastic about lubing up that hard cock as a new hire on the first day of work. She does a bang up job, too, smiling brilliantly as she jerks with vigor, and even baring her small, firm boobs for a very appealing titty fuck. We think you’ll agree, this Paisley Parker handjob is a worthy start to the pretty and personable teen’s pornstar future.

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Ass Fucked and Squirting Pussy Juice

She is a bored, sex-deprived mail-order bride, but has a big time crush on the butler, Sinsley. When she gets caught fantasizing about Sinsley making her squirt, she is left alone with him in the bedroom. She easily convinces Sinsley to fuck her in the ass and soak the bed with her pussy juices..

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Saucy slapper Pressley Carter jerks for a job

Pressley Carter handjobSome girls are so sure of themselves, they think the rules don’t apply to them, and that’s the case with self-assured blonde Pressley Carter in this Strokies flick. Pressley’s looking for a job, but she blows the interview right out of the gate by lighting up in a ‘no smoking’ office. The little slut nonchalantly shrugs it off, though, because she knows from experience that a bit of impromptu penis pulling will make her faux pas all better. She’s exactly right about that, too. Nobody could resist this blonde tug queen when she gets her hot little hands on their cock, and her prospective boss is no exception. With her small tits jiggling away and smoke billowing from her mouth, the cocksure cock jerker strokes her way to meaningful employment…and a sticky load of hot joy juice. The irresistible allure of this Pressley Carter handjob proves that workplace rules weren’t made with saucy slappers like her in mind.

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Teachers fucking like mad

Erik and Kiera have been teaching for years, and today they’re working on some tests in the chemistry lab. Everything gets a little crazy when Kiera drinks a chemical instead of her coffee.

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Colorful Riley Reyes gives a wild tug-and-taste handy

Riley Reyes handjobThis is Riley Reyes, the star of our Strokies feature today. She’s a full-grown woman with the demeanor of a giggly young teen and the sex drive of a mink. Riley is a color-splash kind of girl, which is obvious from her bright bangles and glowing pink cheeks. Her Crayola inspired get-up smacks of fun, and the baby-voiced slut is nothing if not fun loving. She lives to play, and luckily for us her favorite toy is a hard cock. Following a cute little striptease, where she shows off her round, booty-shorts clad butt, this bubbly blonde drops to her knees, grabs a firm hold of the wood, and buries her face in scrotum. She’s a lusty little nut sucker, and though you might question her ability to walk and breathe simultaneously, she’s well able to pump penis and lick balls at the same time, earning herself a face full of cum for her well-coordinated performance. If you’re up for a wild tug-and-taste POV porn experience, we recommend this uniquely colorful Riley Reyes handjob.

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Teen pornstar Dani Daniels has a nice pussy

Dani Daniels can’t wait for Johnny Sins to be released from jail. She writes him all the time. Just her luck, ’cause today Johnny breaks out of prison and need a place to stay… in her pussy!

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