Don’t miss this lusty teenage Latina duo’s uninhibited handy!

Jasmine Summers and Katya Rodriguez handjobWhat happens when a couple of hot Latina besties get together for some sexy fun with a hard cock? A whole lot of cum happens, that’s what, and you can get in on the sticky action with this Strokies video featuring Jasmine Summers and Katya Rodriguez. Full-lipped sex bomb Jasmine is in the process of undressing pigtailed, braces-wearing Katya when they’re interrupted by the arrival of a big, needy dick. The horny girls immediately turn their attention to their new toy, and from there it’s a nipple sucking, ball licking, hard pumping stroke fest that sees this teenage duo covered in juicy jizz. Like all lusty Latina babes these two are completely uninhibited when it comes to the cock, and that makes this Jasmine Summers and Katya Rodriguez handjob one you don’t want to miss out on.

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Big tit pornstar Emma gets a mouthful of jizz

Emma Starr is passionate about art. So passionate that when Tommy begins talking to her at his art show, it doesn’t take much for her to go back to his studio with him. Emma knows the best way to get what she wants from Tommy — play on his obsession with big tits! .

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Feel the heat with petite Pressley’s steamy locker room rubdown

Pressley Carter handjobYou haven’t seen hot until you’ve seen sexy Pressley Carter in her teeny tiny booty shorts pumpin’ one off. But don’t worry, Strokies wants to make sure that you don’t miss out on the experience, and they’ve sent along this video to introduce you to one of their hottest girls. Petite Pressley likes to work her body, and we join her at the gym as she stretches on her mat, pushing her small, round ass in the air ever so slowly and seductively. But exercise always makes this little minx horny, and soon she’s naked and breaking out the lube in what turns out to be a steamy locker room rubdown for her lucky coach. This little girl with the big eyes is an expert jock jerker, and her gaze never wavers as she gives that wood a two-handed tug. It’s a real workout for both parties, and by the end of this Pressley Carter handjob everyone’s feeling the heat.

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Sit back and relax while these brazen blondes work the wood

Cherry and Vikki handjobSubmissive chicks are nice and all, but sometimes you really want a babe with a more aggressive attitude…or possibly even two babes! When those urges strike, Cherry and Vikky are just the duo to take care of you, as so many Strokies visitors can attest. These two brazen blondes don’t have a shy bone in their bodies. In fact, they’re as forward as they come, taking the initiative with no urging required. The horny handjobbers strip naked, flaunt their hot stuff, and proceed to double-down on the same hard cock, petting and pulling and polishing that wood with energetic eagerness until they get what they’re after—a hot load of fresh cum big enough for two. When you’re ready to sit back, relax, and let someone else do the work, this Cherry and Vikki handjob is just the ticket.

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Sexy footjob compliments of blonde milf

Lexi’s relaxed from the shower and eager for her massage. Her masseuse is utterly professional, rubbing oil into her hot naked body, until he starts to rub oil on her sexy feet and gets distracted. He starts to kiss them, licking and sucking. Having her feet licked makes her so horny she eagerly lets him fuck the soles of her feet, and then fucks him hard on the table with her foot in his face and over his mouth and nose. Watch him cum hard on her pretty toes in ultra clear HD..

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Hot milf eats teen pussy

Veruca’s having some problems at home, but luckily her friend’s mother Kendra will let her stay over. Kendra loves to greet the school girls that come to visit in sexy lingerie and high heels. Veruca knows that hot, horny Kendra secretly wants to fuck her, and she can’t wait for her friend’s smoking MILF to show her all sorts of new things..

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Can you hold your load to the end of Raquel Roper’s hot handjob?

Raquel Roper handjobWhen you see a girl who’s sporting tattoos, black hair and unusual attire, you can be pretty damn sure you’re looking at a chick with well honed bedroom skills and a decided lack of inhibition. Those goth babes are sexuality incarnate. They know what they want and they always, always know how to go about getting it. In this instance, Raquel Roper whats to be featured in a Strokies video, and she puts on the show of a lifetime when she gets in front of the camera. She’s smiling and animated as she enthusiastically pumps the pokin’ pole, licking her lips like a true wanton and telling you exactly what she’s going to do with all that cum you’re going to ejaculate. There’s no denying this little vixen with the smooth ass, small tits and salacious attitude is gifted when it comes to working the wood. So gifted, in fact, there’s every chance you’re going to blow your load long before this hot Raquel Roper handjob is done. But there’s only one way to know for sure. Are you up for the challenge?

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Talented Rikki Rumor’s fantastic masturbating handjob

Rikki Rumor handjobReady for a hot handy from a bubbly blonde with a winning smile and a body that won’t quit? Strokies girl Rikki Rumor is here to deliver the goods, and she does so with irresistibly steamy aplomb. Rikki and her fuck buddy are just chillin’ as she watches a bit of -lesbian porn, which arouses them both to no end, naturally. There’s nothing for it but to get naked and emulate that scintillating screen action, and it’s a cock-stirring few minutes between the dimpled darling’s sexy striptease, her sizzling peek-a-boo pussy masturbation and the scorching hot double handed jerk job that follows. When the cock tugging moves to the bed, the scene becomes a mind blowing display of nude perfection, with a penis pumping, pussy petting combo that ends in a lovely cum facial for our sexy young sweetie…and a load blowing orgasm for anyone watching this fantastically talented Rikki Rumor handjob.

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A perfect handjob by flawless floozy Bibi Noel

Bibi Noel handjobHere at Free Online Porn Sites we like to please every predilection, and for those of you who like their sluts fake as fuck, today we’re offering this fine piece of plastic pussy that we found in the Strokies archive. Petite Bibi Noel is a girl who takes perfection seriously. In fact she takes the flawless floozy look to a whole new level, appearing impossibly air brushed even when she’s naked on video. She’s a tiny specimen with unbelievably smooth skin, lovely big dick-sucker lips, and a set of well inflated breasts that are perfect for sandwiching a hard cock. This babe’s intense blue eyes sparkle as she gets on her knees to stroke that stiffy with immaculately manicured hands, while flashing her gorgeous megawatt smile. We don’t want to spoil the ending for you, so we’ll just say that she takes it lying down, and that this Bibi Noel handjob features a cumshot that’s as perfect as the performer herself.

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Stripper in Fishnet Stocking gets a Double Penetration

Auditions are done for new recruits at the strip club and the guys still haven’t found the right dancer. They are ready to pack it in when Aleksa appears in her glow in the dark fishnet and gives them the dance of their dreams. She works the pole like a pro with her big fake tits before showing her best pornstar moves on both guys at once. Watch her eye popping double penetration performance here in HD. .

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