Creating the perfect tits

Doctor Sins is obsessed. His need to make tits bigger and bigger just keeps growing, and he is becoming a man consumed. Will his luscious assistant Dani be able to distract him with her perfect natural breasts before it’s too late? Or will he be lost to his uncontrolled addiction to the biggest fake tits he can create?.

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Sadie Holmes gets caught

Sadie Holmes handjob

This hot young thing has been late back to class far too many times and her Strokies University teacher is pissed. He confronts her about it and learns the truth behind her tardiness. It turns out that she’s been crafting her Sadie Holmes handjob on all of the boys in the class. The cleanup usually makes her run a little bit late. Naturally, he’s going to need a little proof before he lets her off the hook. As soon as her tiny little tits come out and she gets on her knees, he’s practically ready to blow. She stretches it out as much as she can before she takes a hot educational load to her pretty face.

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Sailor Luna breast strokes for a facial

Sailor Luna handjob
Being a hot, tattooed blonde isn’t always easy. You always have to deal with men checking out your tight body and getting hard in their pants. Luckily for this girl, she’s learned to turn all of the sexual energy into a patented Sailor Luna handjob. She’s visited by Strokies at the pool while she’s doing laps. Little does she know that one of her perfect little tits pops out of her swimsuit. Never one to be embarrassed, she sees the effect it has on that cock and pulls out the other tit with a smile. Now it’s time to show off all of her skills and make sure she ends the tug session by taking a thick, gooey load all over her pretty face.

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April Dawn shows off her tits

April Dawn handjob

With a gorgeous set of all natural 34 DD tits on display, this April Dawn handjob is going to satisfy even the most tugged out Strokies veteran. She can’t help but caress them while they’re trapped behind her shirt, but luckily they don’t stay there for long. She pulls them right out and takes her place down on her knees to give the cock a go. She wraps those mammaries right around it and starts giving it the tug that it needs. She gets it worked up so fast that she has to rush to get her tits under the massive gush of cum when it shoots out to cover them.

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Ass Fucked In The Bath

Sierra enjoys anal sex. Her beautiful wet booty can take a major pounding and she fucking loves it. In Sierra’s case what her ass wants is to be filled and rammed by Keiran’s huge cock! If you love anal, this is the perfect video for you!.

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Taking it up the ass

Lana digs cock. She enjoys dick, and she doesn’t mind if everyone knows. The new gardener is completely ok with this. So what’s next? How about a little bit of intercourse..

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Ass fucking that greasy hole

Melody is so sore from all her hard work, she isn’t responding to her husband’s lusty advances. He knows just the right move, however: a date with his magic fingers and a bottle of oil. He understandably is distracted by jiggling her round ass cheeks. Once her soft, creamy curves are up on his massage table she melts and gives in to his every whim..

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Nadia White likes a taste of cum

Nadia White handjob

It’s clear right from the beginning that this Nadia White handjob is going to be some of the best that Strokies has ever seen. Her giant tits are ready to just about explode out of her tight shirt before she peels it off. That’s when you get to see her naughty little nipple piercings in the flesh. Once she gets down on her knees, she goes right to work. She lubes up that cock with a dollop of spit and starts tugging it like a champ. Her mouth is practically glued to the swollen ball sack while she works. She finishes it all up by taking the hot load all over her sexy little tongue.

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Jae Lynn milks cock in the kitchen

Jae Lynn handjob

As if a hot, skinny body, sexy tattoos and blonde hair weren’t enough, this little cock monster is also going to give her Jae Lynn handjob right in the kitchen. She’s busying herself with the chores when Strokies shows up and she can’t even make it to the bedroom before her dick tugging tendencies take over. She gets right down on her knees and caresses the shaft and balls like a woman in love. After her perfect tits come out to play, she locks her gorgeous blue eyes on yours and takes the creamy load all over her heaving and welcoming chest.

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Maria Jade loves soft lips

Maria jade handjob

Say what you will about a Maria Jade handjob, but the fact of the matter is that it’s going to have one of the best endings that Strokies has ever seen. After this gorgeous blonde gets down on her knees, she knows exactly what to do. She talks nice and dirty while tugging that stiff cock like a champ. She’s been around the block with more than a few different dicks, so she knows exactly what she’s doing. It’s when her pert little tits come out to play that you know things are going to take a fun turn. She aims the skin wagon straight down on them and makes it offer up its thick, creamy load all over them. Not even close to being done with her performance yet, she scoops it all up with her fingers and smears it all over her sexy lips to keep them nice and moist.

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