You’ll enjoy cute teen tugger Olivia Kasady’s hot handjob

Olivia Kasady handjobIt’s teen time! And today Free Online Porn Sites, in conjunction with Strokies, is pleased to bring you a hot handjob by blue eyed, blond haired Olivia Kasady. Olivia doesn’t look much like a teenager with all that makeup on, but when she opens her mouth the braces give it away, and when the time comes to undress and show off her sweet bubble butt, her shyness is a telltale sign of her age. It’s all extremely cute and extremely arousing, and though you might expect this giggling youngster to have no clue about the job at hand, once her soft hands encircle a hard cock, Olivia knows instinctively just what to do. She soon warms to the task and begins to masturbate her teen pussy as she strokes, pumping and petting until her efforts are rewarded with a hot blast of cock cream. If you’re hot for cute teen tuggers, you’ll enjoy this Olivia Kasady handjob just fine.

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Ass fucking that greasy hole

Melody is so sore from all her hard work, she isn’t responding to her husband’s lusty advances. He knows just the right move, however: a date with his magic fingers and a bottle of oil. He understandably is distracted by jiggling her round ass cheeks. Once her soft, creamy curves are up on his massage table she melts and gives in to his every whim..

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Boss lady Roxie Rox gives a hands-on interview

Roxie Rox handjobAs a student in search of a summer job you could only dream about getting it on in an interview with a sexy blonde manager, but such dreams can and do come true at Strokies. In this hot flick, a skater boy’s job application turns into an amazing cock-tugging fantasy when cum hungry Roxie Rox takes a liking to his love stick. He’s immediately enthralled when her office becomes an intimate venue for seduction. A slow strip tease ensues, and the danger of discovery adds a thrilling element to the illicit double handed handy that follows. As the steamy interview reaches its finale, skater boy feels the job might be his, but when his massive load of joy juice is swallowed to the last drop by his prospective employer, he knows it’s a done deal. If you’ve ever had a job related sexual fantasy (and c’mon, who hasn’t?) then you’re going to be thrilled by this Roxie Rox handjob interview.

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Hot brunette handjob proves blondes don’t have all the fun

Audrey Royals handjobWho says blondes have more fun? Here to put the lie to that popular convention is Strokies girl Audrey Royals, a brown haired beauty with a penchant for hard cock and hot good times. The first thing you’ll notice about Audrey is her sultry gaze. She keeps those deep brown bedroom eyes at half mast, which does little to hide the smoldering passion lurking there. And that passion soon becomes apparent in other ways as this petite brunette peels her threads to reveal the second most noticeable thing about her: a set of perky small breasts with generous dark nipples. Then it’s game on. Audrey teases with her tongue and masturbates while she jerks the jimmy, licking fingers and balls until she gets what she’s after, which is an explosive orgasm and a generous load of warm guy goo on her sweet little tatas. If you’ve bought into that old adage about blondes, this Audrey Royals handjob will convince you that brunettes just might be the ones having all the fun.

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Pornstar Annika Albrite likes the big dick just


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Tempting teen Chase Ryder’s explosive POV jerk job

Chase Ryder handjobJust imagine walking into a hot teen’s bedroom and finding her with one hand down her pants and the other hand fondling a perky breast. But wait! You don”t have to imagine that sexy scene; you can experience it with this Strokies video. When you hit the play button you’ll be transported to the private room of horny young Chase Ryder, a sweet looking brunette with a full-on libido who’s masturbating on her bed. She’s looking mighty delicious in her open pink shirt and knee socks, but the scene gets even more mouthwatering when she crawls across the floor to perform an orgasm inducing POV jerk job. Using both of her soft hands and those lovely firm tits, the tempting little tart brings about an eruption that coats her comely teenage physique in hot, fresh jizz. The only thing you have to imagine is that this explosive Chase Ryder handjob is happening on your hard cock.

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Busty blonde lesbians using sex toys in wild all girl threesome


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Some wicked big tits right here

Danny and his mates love a good weekend LARP. Sophie who’s supposed to play the Warrior Queen of Rackatha can’t make it leaving the lads in a jam. Luckily for Danny his mate Tom has the number of an exotic performer perfect for the role. Enter Dolly the Warrior Queen of Rackatha…no cock will be safe..

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Slacker schoolgirl Selma Sins gets an A+ for this handjob

Selma Sins handjobThere aren’t too many things that can make you blow a wad like watching a schoolgirl get down on a hard cock, and Strokies is the best when it comes to capturing those hotter-than-hot moments. In this video, wayward student Selma Sins would rather be texting than learning, and now she’s flunked her final exam. But while sexy Selma may not have paid much attention in the classroom, she’s learned plenty from her extracurricular activities, and she comes up with a winning ploy to avoid her summer school fate. She begins by coyly unbuttoning her shirt to give teacher a peek at her all-natural button busters, and no sooner are those beauties loosed than—you guessed it—she’s down on her caps, hard cock in hand. A bit of spit and a whole lot of tit, and this naughty schoolgirl is well on her way to making the grade…and to a hot cream coating. She may be a slacker in the classroom, but she’s a keener on her knees, and we give this Selma Sins handjob an A+.

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Samantha and her big tits fuck the teacher

Samantha means well. She’s a good student, works hard, and gets good grades. The only problem is that she kinda dresses like a slut. Her gorgeous rack always seems to distract all the other students, and Tommy the teacher can’t have that. Samantha will have to find a way to convince Tommy that there’s nothing wrong with a nice pair of tits..

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