Anya seduces as a nurse

Anya is the kind of girl who won’t take no for an answer, especially where her pussy is concerned. She had been talking to a guy on her MyLiveSex cam that just refused to let her watch him jerk off to her. He was just too shy, but she wanted it really badly. Her orgasms are always more intense when she has a cock to stare at. She decided to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse. She would wear whatever he wanted, but he needed to shoot his creamy load on camera for her. It turns out that he has a fetish for nurses and she didn’t disappoint. She came so hard to his stroking that day that she still fantasizes about when she’s alone.

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Sarah Vandella strokes for freedom

Sarah Vandella handjob

This hot and sexy blonde needs a way out of jail and the only thing that will work is her patented Sarah Vandella handjob. She got picked up on the Strokies beat and now she’s stuck behind bars. There’s no point in trying to reason with the law, so she lets her body do the talking. Once her clothes are completely stripped off, all she has to do is flash her tight little pussy and asshole from her cell. One look and the guard lets her out to see what she can do. The sound of her soft hands tugging the stiff cock fills the entire jail.

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Free Tittie Massage

When Eve is at Mrs.Woodstock’s place house sitting, Johnny the masseur comes by to give his weekly massage. Eve tells him she’s not there, but Johnny can’t resist her nice big tits and her bouncy butt in those panties so he offers her a free massage. Who is she to turn him down?

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Ember Snow and Edyn Blair cum together

Ember Snow and Edyn Blair handjob

These two girls can’t keep their hands off of each other. They also can’t keep their tits out of each other’s mouths. It may take a little coaxing, but their relentless lesbian activities are going to lead to an Ember Snow and Edyn Blair handjob. Once their attention is shifted, they go right to work on the Strokies cock. Edyn takes it right between her tits and strokes it in between her soft mounds. Then it’s Ember’s turn to take over and she does herself proud. She tugs it until it erupts all over her in a sticky, white mess.

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French Maids with big tits suck and fuck the cock


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Mandy Muse swallows the gravy

Mandy Muse handjob

Some girls make much better prisoners than they do criminals and that’s exactly what’s going to lead to a Mandy Muse handjob. She’s no master thief and that’s clear from the second she admits to stealing a frame with no picture in it. Maybe she though it was gold, but it’s still usually the artwork that’s worth the money. Either way, she’s found herself in Strokies jail and she knows there’s only one way out. She slowly strips off her jumpsuit and entices the guard with her smoking hot body. After she’s completely naked and her bald pussy is on display, he can’t help but open up the cell to let her tug his cock right into her mouth. She swallows the load and gains some time off for good behavior.

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India gets her lusty asshole plugged with big dick

India’s got the perfect marriage, her husband loves her so much. She’s truly happy, but there’s an unsatisfied lust that her husband can’t provide. Once a month she ventures down to the dungeon to get her asshole fucked by a big fucking dick.

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Jade Kush loves her tits

Jade Kush handjob

Every woman in the world has one body part that she absolutely loves to show off. For the girl who patented the famous Jade Kush handjob, it’s her tits. She’s got a skinny body a giant set of boobs to make her prime Strokies material. She takes her time in letting them out from behind her bra. She jiggles them and massages them and makes sure that they’re always on full display. Naturally she rubs the stiff cock all over them until it’s ready to coat them in a hot load of protein. She deserves every single drop she gets.

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Stepmom Teaches Anal Sex

Mandy and her boyfriend think they’re alone when they try anal sex for the first time on her stepmother’s bed, but she’s home early from tennis and hears them fucking from the shower. So she decides to get some tasty revenge on her little step-slut by sucking her boyfriend’s cock and making him shove it deep in both their asses.

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Ember Snow is a tease

Ember Snow handjob

When you see a cute little Asian girl who likes to walk around in public wearing short shorts and a tiny white shirt with no bra, you can rest assured that she’s no stranger to cock. That’s probably why an Ember Snow handjob is so amazing. Not only does she give them on Strokies, but she has to hand them out to the public. Her tight little body is responsible for so many erections that it’s only right she takes care of it for all the men she turns on. Today she just lies on her back with a perfect view of her small tits and jerks that cock until it covers them in baby gravy.

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