Saucy slapper Pressley Carter jerks for a job

Pressley Carter handjobSome girls are so sure of themselves, they think the rules don’t apply to them, and that’s the case with self-assured blonde Pressley Carter in this Strokies flick. Pressley’s looking for a job, but she blows the interview right out of the gate by lighting up in a ‘no smoking’ office. The little slut nonchalantly shrugs it off, though, because she knows from experience that a bit of impromptu penis pulling will make her faux pas all better. She’s exactly right about that, too. Nobody could resist this blonde tug queen when she gets her hot little hands on their cock, and her prospective boss is no exception. With her small tits jiggling away and smoke billowing from her mouth, the cocksure cock jerker strokes her way to meaningful employment…and a sticky load of hot joy juice. The irresistible allure of this Pressley Carter handjob proves that workplace rules weren’t made with saucy slappers like her in mind.

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